China and the Hague Service Convention

Serving legal process in the Mainland China is tricky business, but getting over the hump is a lot easier if you know what you’re doing.

Before doing anything, it is important to understand where Chinese law stands on this issue: all judicial documents to be served on a person or entity within the People’s Republic of China must be done according to the procedures set out in the Hague Service Convention. Period.

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Chinese Divorce is Internationally Recognized

Is a Chinese divorce recognized in foreign countries?

Yes, absolutly. A Chinese divorce is widely recognized throughout the world. A divorce granted by a Chinese court is usually valid and legally effective in other countries, including those in Europe, North American and Oceania. Each country has its own rules for recognizing or registering a foreign divorce, so it may be necessary to consult with an international divorce lawyer to be sure of where you stand, but reading this article will give you a good basic understanding of this very important topic. 

Chinese Divorce Agreements - Know how to protect yourself Add on 14.12.2016 Family Law

Drafting a fair, complete and legally valid divorce agreement is an essential part of any Chinese divorce. Don't be fooled, this document holds enormous legal weight and mistakes can land you in a world of trouble.

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China non-disclosure agreement (NDA) Add on 22.10.2016 Business

An NDA is one of the most important documents in any business relationship. Information not only has value, but is the key to keeping your competitive edge. NDAs are a low-cost and very effective way of keeping your sensitive information secure and punishing those who don't stick to the rules. Read on to learn more about this simple but effective tool. 


A few words about Flora

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Fluent in English and familiar with most major legal systems, Ms. Huang has built-up an enviable network of contacts around the world to ensure that business decisions, litigation, and transactions are informed by up-to-date advice from experienced practitioners wherever the client is or wants to be.

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